Sant Josep is Music

Music in its many guises features prominently as part of the cultural heritage that Sant Josep offers its visitors and residents. The town’s tremendous musical tradition is reinforced year on year with innumerable performances and initiatives that take in every musical genre, from classical to the more modern kinds such as jazz, rock, flamenco, pop and many more. With a view to recording and registering this enormous and intangible heritage, the website has been created, with which the municipal council aims to promote live music and highlight local artists in a series of events that punctuate the annual agenda of events.

The website has a fresh and inspiring design, and it is extremely flexible, making it easy to browse the different sections. The home page is full of information, with news of concerts that are coming up soon, and items on the Sant Josep music scene. There you will also find reports and reviews of musical releases by local artists, with a link to the directory of groups and artists in the municipality. There is also room for highlighting local venues with a link to the list of places that hold live music events, and another extremely practical link that takes you to the companies and services concerned with musical production, organisation of concerts and manufacture of musical instruments.

The first section of the website, which contains all the information on concerts, provides the most comprehensive visual agenda of the musical performances in Sant Josep in coming weeks. The first thing you see is a striking photo, with details of the group, the date of the concert and the venue. Clicking on the image will take you to more information including a brief description of the event, the artist and the venue, a practical map showing the location and essential contact details, as well as links to social networks. It will also inform you whether the concert is free of charge or if you need to buy a ticket.

The “Musicians” section provides access to an extensive list of artists and groups performing locally. You can select the information and view it in several ways. You can either view a grid of different photos with the name and musical genre of the group or artist, or simply consult an alphabetical list. There is also a filter, and you can select artists according to musical genre (experimental, folk, rumba, house blues, classical, soul, jazz with up to 27 different types of music in all).

By clicking on each of the artists listed in the grid, you can access more detailed information on each one, along with graphic content such as photos and videos of their performances. It provides an unbeatable formula for seeing and listening to all the musical entertainment on offer at first hand. You can also see when an artist’s next performance is coming up. Currently, the web contains around 145 artists or groups, which gives you an idea of the vital and lively music scene in Sant Josep.

The section “Venues” is another highlight of the website. It lists over 30 venues where concerts of every kind are held. Restaurants, bars, beach bars, shops… places that hold live music events throughout the year and provide the ideal platform for visitors and residents to enjoy live music. The list is displayed as a grid containing a photo of each venue, its name and type of establishment (bar, restaurant etc). By clicking on each one, you can access more detailed information with a description of the place, its programme of events and other practical details, as well as essential contact information and access to a map depicting the location.

Another section on the site is “Venues for concerts” which follows the same format and structure as the other pages with a visual list of all the premises where concerts are held, for example concert halls, public squares, exhibition venues, open spaces etc. Just click on one and you will find the location along with complementary material such as videos of previous concerts at the venue in question, and photos of the event.

In the “Festivals” section there is information on the popular fiestas and other events which include concerts, all held in the municipality of Sant Josep. You can view photos of previous events, posters advertising concerts, and videos of various performances. It is a great way to gain an idea of the kind of festival and its atmosphere. Obviously essential data is added too, such as location and the customary dates of these celebrations, so that no one will miss out.

The website also has an update section which provides all the latest news of the local musical scene. The content has been carefully curated and developed with extra nuggets of information for web users. This section combines various reports on artists or events, all of which adds to your knowledge of the current music scene in in Sant Josep.

The “Businesses and services” section contains a full list of all the companies and professionals relating to music and concerts in the area. From recording studios to luthiers, taking in music schools, associations, food trucks, and specialist photographers on the way.

Finally, “Albums” is the section that provides information on musical albums recorded either in the studio or live by groups who have performed on Sant Josep stages. It is possible to listen to each one, as the songs on the albums are all streamed, and their names are provided along with a short text introducing each one.

The musical website unquestionably provides an exceptional window on the dynamic musical world of the municipality which will definitely contribute to a wider dissemination of the talents of local artists and groups providing entertainment in Sant Josep.