South of Sant Josep, Sa Caleta, Es Bol Nou and Cala Jondal

The southern area of Sant Josep, just like the rest of the island of Ibiza, is a place of contrasts. We can find many places to enjoy the peace, solitude and beauty of the island’s landscapes or, on the contrary, we may be driven by a more lively and fiesta atmosphere.

Let’s go first to Sa Caleta, where you’ll see many traditional fishermen huts where the fishermen keep their boats and equipment. It’s a very quiet cove with family atmosphere, and on Sundays families and friends come together to enjoy the sea and food in good company. Sa Caleta also houses a Phoenician Village that is integrated within the declaration of Ibiza as World Heritage Site. Therefore this is a spot with a great historical and landscape richness.

Very close to Sa Caleta we’ll find Es Bol Nou is a small sandy beach frequented by island visitors and tourists as well. Not always easy to find room for your towel and umbrella though. The rocks surrounding the back of the beach are of red clay, so many visitors take advantage of this to smear red earth on. According to some people, it has exfoliating and beneficial properties for the skin. An ideal place to go with children because the water won’t cover you much. In Sa Caleta you’ll also find a restaurant specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. And of course, you can just sit and relax while enjoying your drinks.

Cala Jondal is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in south Sant Josep. It’s a sandy and round pebble stones beach (caused by sea erosion), but if you go a few meters into the water, you’ll quickly find sand. In Cala Jondal the atmosphere is quite different from other beaches and beach coves in the area. This is because the bars brighten the hot summer days and evenings on the island. In the bars and restaurants of Cala Jondal you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, but also the most trendy, modern and innovative cuisine with exotic influences. And of course, you can relax in a very comfortable sunbed right by the water and even enjoy a massage with the sound of the waves in the background. There are also market stalls where you can buy swimwear and summer clothing. Cala Jondal is the mix of family atmosphere and the cool, fashionable and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the island. It is a place of contrasts, with options for everyone.