Sant Josep, an ocean of recreational possibilities

The municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia has an extensive coastline of nearly 84 kilometres, with countless coves and inlets of crystal-clear water and a lush seabed replete with flora and fauna. The emblematic silhouettes of the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell and the famous sandy beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet are just a small example of the natural beauty visitors can enjoy all year round.

For lovers of water sports and aquatic activities, this area is a true paradise for the practice of all kinds of sports or leisure activities, at both amateur and professional levels. Sant Josep is the perfect place to enjoy any discipline associated with the marine environment, either alone or in company.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle), better known as paddle surfing, is becoming increasingly popular every year thanks to the simplicity of the technique and the ease with which one learns to use the board. The rugged coastline of the municipality, replete with secluded coves and inlets that can only be reached by sea, is ideal for exploring with the gentle technique of paddle surfing. Several companies organise trips from various points along the coast and offer different packages and itineraries, such as sunset trips, excursions along various stretches of the coast or even SUP yoga sessions.

You can have the same sort of experience with a kayak, since this type of boat allows you to enter caves and hidden coves and admire spectacular views that can only be seen from the sea. There is no shortage of coves and beaches to be visited and the transparency of the water allows the kayaker to view the underwater world without the need for diving glasses. With the right equipment you can spend a whole day discovering new beauty spots. For more experienced kayakers, there are particularly impressive excursions, such as the trip to Es Vedrà, or the one that circumnavigates the island of Conejera. There are numerous routes available for all kinds of users and the companies that organise outings also provide the training and assistance required in each case.

For those who want to try diving and discover the secrets of the seabed, Sant Josep offers a wide range of possibilities. There are many companies and professionals offering diving sessions in the most spectacular spots of the coast and its islets. Sant Josep has extensive protected maritime areas, either in the form of marine reserves or as an integral part of the Natural Park. In these spectacular surroundings the diver will discover a whole world of life and colour, with enormous extensions of Posidonia oceanica and other plant and animal species, as well as caves, gorges and spectacular vertical walls that plunge beneath the deep blue surface of the sea. The mild temperature of the water throughout the year is an added attraction for diving. Amateurs who wish to progress in this sport can also choose to include various qualifications in their training, which is provided by qualified instructors and companies that offer their services at various points along the coast.

For those who would rather not carry any weight on their back and prefer to travel light, the snorkelling is the best option. The waters of Sant Josep offer an infinite number of easily accessible coves and inlets to enjoy the best underwater views without having to move away from the coast or dive too deep. Visitors can easily see all the natural beauty of the Mediterranean from the surface of the sea.

If you want thrills and excitement you can also find what you are looking for in the sea around Sant Josep. Speed boat excursions, spins and 360º turns in ultra-jet boats, acrobatics on wake boards or water skis, the amazing flyboard that thrusts you into the air above the sea, exciting jumps in tornadoes, giant sea doughnuts, crazy flyfish flying mats… The sea can be enjoyed at very high speed and the fun is more than assured. There are many options and the companies that provide them offer a wide range of activities for all tastes.

Water activities companies in Sant Josep

Paddle Surf Ibiza
Paddle Surf
Cala Vedella
654 013 347

Posidonia Activa
Sup, diving and snorkeling
Ctra. San José Km 5
636 479 877

Ibiza Water Sports
C/La Rioja,  de S’Estanyol beach
671 033 833

Ed. Acapulco, Platja d’en Bossa
665 139 198

Cala Tarida
971 806 307

Big Blue Ibiza
Cala Vedella
650 769 296

Sea Horse Scuba Diving Centre
Port des Torrent
629 349 499

Salinas sailing club
Sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, windsurfing
Playa Ses Salines

Ibiza Kayak
687 091 810

Ibiza Wake Board
Wakeboard, ski
Punta Pinet – Cala de Bou
691 015 475