6 things to enjoy in Cala Vedella

In the western part of the coast of Sant Josep, hidden among wooded slopes, a small cove conceals an oasis of peace and natural beauty. Cala Vedella, once a traditional fishing harbour, continues to offer visitors all its charm. The little road leading to it provides a foretaste of the authentically Mediterranean landscape that awaits you at the end of your trip. The cove can be reached from both sides, although the northern route offers the most spectacular panoramic views. The cove forms a pronounced inlet between two rocky promontories covered with pine trees, which coexist with residential and tourist areas. Its natural setting is ideal for enjoying calm waters, as it is sheltered from the prevailing summer winds. Its wide and sheltered mirror-like surface of the water is highly appreciated by sailors, fishermen and residents for mooring small boats.

Cala Vedella has always been a popular summer resort for Ibizans from all over the island. Today its fame continues, now at an international level, especially among families who appreciate just how much this little corner has to offer. Here are a few examples.

1. The sunset

Cala Vedella has a prime west-facing orientation. This means you can enjoy spectacular sunsets from the beach, with the gentle curve of the horizon in the distance and the silhouette of the island of S’Espartar. Whether you are bathing, lying on the sand or sitting on a terrace of one of the many bars and restaurants in the area, the sunset in Cala Vedella is always a must for a perfect holiday.

2. An ideal spot for families

Cala Vedella has a large beach of fine white sand, with a length of about 300 metres and a width ranging from 30m to 80m. This and its calm waters, with gently shelving bottoms, make it an ideal beach for families with children. Visibility is excellent from all angles and parents can relax and enjoy the day without losing sight of the kids.

3. Water sports

Cala Vedella is also a great place for water activities. For lovers of sea-related sports it is an ideal place to enjoy the beach and the surrounding coastline. In the cove there is a diving centre that organises outings and offers training with full guarantees of safety and fun. There is also an SUP (paddle surfing) centre, perfect for lovers of this sport, who will find the calm waters of the cove ideal for getting the most out of the experience. For those who love speed and thrills, there is the option of renting jet skis and exploring the coast of Sant Josep, with the advantage of setting out from one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

The center is open from May to October. And together with the Sant Josep City Council co-operates in the free activities for families “Ibiza Family Experience”, click here to find out everything about these activities.


4. Wide range of cuisine

The cuisine of Cala Vedella is renowned throughout the island. Some of the most traditional restaurants in the municipality can be found in this small corner. Visitors can choose from a wide range of culinary options, from the island’s most traditional recipes, with special emphasis on those based on fresh fish and seafood, to international and fusion cuisine, in which innovation and creative cooking play a prominent role.

5. The views

Admiring the views is as simple as it is rewarding. At the northern end of the cove, from a high position at the top of the cliff, you can enjoy a breath-taking, panoramic view of Cala Vedella, one of whose most spectacular features are its turquoise waters and lush Posidonia meadows. The woods that surround the cove are a characteristic feature that is sure to remain engraved on the visitor’s memory.

6. Seafaring history

The sheltered waters of Cala Vedella have always been highly appreciated as a natural harbour by fishermen. This can be observed in the various fishermen’s huts which, with their respective dry docks and piers, stand at the foot of the two rocky slopes of the cove and have been a feature of this beautiful corner of our coast for decades.