Bicycle excursions for all the family – “On a treasure hunt by bicycle”

Our environmentally friendly guided tours for the whole family are intended to let you get to know the natural beauty of this area in a dynamic and entertaining experience for all ages.

Here, both adults and children work together to achieve the aims of the activity using bicycles to discover the whole of this nature reserve. All participants will have to pass the tests and overcome the challenges that are to be found at different points along the route. At the end of the excursion, the teams who have successfully passed all of the tests and overcome the challenges will receive a prize.

With a duration of some three (3) hours including breaks to refresh ourselves and gather our strength, the excursion includes a bottle of water for each participant followed by an energy bar or fruit for the children.

The activity step by step

· 10:35: Entry into the Ses Salines de Ibiza nature reserve and the start of the excursion
At this point we will introduce ourselves to those taking part in the activity and provide a questionnaire that consists of a series of questions related to the preservation of the environment.
Questionnaire and a pencil for writing down the answers.

· 10:50: Sa Sal Rossa watchtower
At this stop we will carry out an activity that comprises of finding and marking on the map, the points indicated below with the corresponding number:
– Formentera
– Castle Ibiza
– Canal
– Fishermen´s house
– 3 Islets
So that we can see further and more clearly we will climb to the top of the watchtower of sa Sal Rossa to better enjoy the beautiful landscape with which we are surrounded.
Map and pencil to note down and reply to the points indicated.

· 11:20: Church of Sant Francesc
We will meet up at the Church of Sant Francesc to hold the “Find the bird” activity which consists of spotting the greatest number of migratory birds that nest on the salt flats. Binoculars will be provided together with a sheet to mark with an X those birds that have been spotted which will accumulate points and contribute to becoming experts in this nature reserve.
Binoculars, a pencil and a sheet with illustrations for completion will be used.

· 11:50: Es Tancó de ses Salines
At this point we will stop to find out about a small and strange species which is the brine shrimp (artemia salina). Everyone will have a transparent container where the water in which they live can be collected. The aim of this activity is to observe this species and attempt to get to know it a little better, for which a sketch from each team will be produced of what can be seen in the transparent container.
–  Transparent containers, magnifying glass, pencil and a sheet of blank paper.

The treasure

And at the end of the activity of course the participants will have to search and find the treasure …



Departure and return:

Leaving from the parking of the Grand Palladium Palace at Playa d’en Bossa


Each excursion will take place in one of the following languages: Spanish, English.


The duration of the excursion is some three (3) hours approximately.


The capacity of the excursion is 10 adults and 10 children (6 years and over).


– WhatsApp: (+34) 608 557 450
– Email:


Every Saturday from May 11 to October 21 from 10:30 hrs.


“On a treasure hunt by bicycle” it’s a free activity


All necessary equipment as well as bicycles are included.