Sant Josep, the best film set

The municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, with an area of almost 160 km ² and a coastline of more than 84 km, is home to whole array of natural and ethnographic attractions that make it a prime location for numerous audio-visual projects. The diverse, cosmopolitan nature of its people, its well-kept natural environment and its iconic nature provide the ideal setting for any film shoot, with the magnificent natural lighting of an island with more than 320 days of sunshine a year, a guarantee for the success of any programme.

In order to provide the industry with a tool that meets its needs, the Sant Josep Town Council has set up the Sant Josep Film Office. This office has the mission of assisting the work of film professionals who choose our municipality for their production, becoming an important ally of a strategic and highly relevant industry for the worldwide projection of the municipality.

The Sant Josep Film Office offers professionals the most appropriate services to support each project and provides advice on applying for permits to film in the municipality, both from the local authorities and any others that may be involved in the production. In addition, if the project is considered of interest because of its promotional, cultural, social or scientific character, the Sant Josep Film Office can contribute with specific aids to support its implementation.

Once the necessary administrative procedures have been completed, the professionals can start working on the ground. They then find themselves on a film set with countless possibilities and diverse nuances, full of spectacular locations and with environmental conditions that few places in the world can offer all year round. From the sea to the mountains, from the sky to the earth, from day to night… Sant Josep offers an incomparable range of breathtakingly attractive natural settings.

The time of day when Sant Josep can boast a truly spectacular range of colours is at sunset. Platges de Comte, for example, offers a panoramic view of the horizon, with the Ponent islets in the background and, in the foreground, the islands of Es Bosc and Conillera, which captivate the observer at first sight. The coastline, characterised by sandstones randomly sculpted by the wind, and its paradisiacal waters, change in colour as the sun goes down and the sky forms a gradient that is increasingly rich in nuances. The resulting images, whether photos or video, are always spectacular and fascinating.

The Ses Salines Natural Park is another exceptional film set. From the salt ponds and their iridescent palette, like a gigantic canvas, alternating pink with green and blue, to the crystalline waters of the beaches that border them. Es Migjorn de ses Salines and Es Cavallet feature dazzling white sands while Es Codolar offers a photogenic collection of pebbles that guarantees a striking result, both in photographs and on video.

Ses Salines Natural Park

While on the subject of photogenic and spectacular features, we cannot forget one of the most distinctive silhouettes in the Mediterranean: Es Vedrà. The majestic islet stands out on the horizon like a gigantic natural monolith. Filmed and photographed on thousands of occasions, Es Vedrà and Cala d’Hort represent the set par excellence chosen by hundreds of film industry professionals, a truly luxurious backdrop that adds aesthetic value to each and every one of their productions.

Es Vedrà

The transparent waters, with sandy bottoms and emerald hues, are always a highly sought-after resource in the recording of commercials and all kinds of photographic reports. Cala Bassa is one of the most popular spots in this respect. The light penetrates its mirror-like waters and reaches its sandy bed, with a result that is always spectacular.

Cala Bassa

The island’s landscapes and the customs of its people have created a lifestyle that has also been transferred to the way people dress. Adlib fashion is a good example of this, although the wardrobe that suits the island’s landscape is infinite. Sant Josep has always provided a setting full of spontaneous personality to suit any collection. The fields full of flowers, the farmhouses with their whitewashed walls, the feixes-terraces bordered by dry stone walls, the footpaths, the coastal junipers, etc., all the emblematic features of the local countryside have been included in the various productions made to promote the freshest fashion; one more example of how this small piece of the island contains hundreds of attractions.

© Adlib Moda Ibiza

The different viewpoints of the municipality are also prime locations from which to obtain spectacular images. Sa Talaia, for example, offers almost 360º panoramic views of the fields, mountains and coast of the municipality. Another truly outstanding site is Cap des Falcó, which offers professionals views of the coast and the sea that bathes Ses Salines, and in winter also provides pristine sunsets.

Cap des Falcó

The cultural heritage of Sant Josep is another highly valued asset for quality audio-visual production. This section includes such diverse features as popular architecture, with farmhouses and churches as the main elements, or the defense towers that pepper the Sant Josep coastline and serve as an ideal setting for achieving highly effective visual contrasts.

The villages scattered across the landscape of Sant Josep are also an attraction in themselves. The charm and personality of their buildings and streets make up an authentic and age-old film set, combined with the lively atmosphere of their streets, a vivid expression of the Mediterranean character.

Cultural attractions such as the ball pagès (country dancing) and the unique traditional costumes of Ibiza’s folklore are highly appreciated in audio-visual productions. The colourfulness of this ancestral dance and all the magic that surrounds it provides visual enrichment to any production.

But apart from the many natural settings available, there is another essential feature that provides an added value much appreciated by the professional: the light. The clean atmosphere, the clear skies, the abundant hours of sunshine and the mild climate provide the professional with the basic raw material to work in optimal light conditions, undoubtedly the vital ingredient for a quality production. In Sant Josep, naturally.