6 Tips: A Guide to Platja des Jondal (Cala Jondal – Ibiza)

The municipality of Sant Josep has paradisiacal beaches on every inch of its coast. One of them is the amazing Platja des Jondal, also known as Cala Jondal, an increasingly fashionable and trendy spot to spend your time on the hot summer month under the shade of a beach umbrella or going for a swim in its clear, turquoise waters. A beach that always surprises its visitors. Here are a few tips to make the most of this special place.



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Platja des Jondal is an exceptional place for eating out on any of the wonderful terraces of the four beach restaurants on the beach. Here you will find a great variety of beach restaurants which we can especially highlight excellent quality Mediterranean fresh, delicious rice dishes and fantastic international cuisine for all tastes. Enjoy this mix of traditional and modern fusion cuisine flavors right on the soft sand of the beach with the sound of the sea in the background. A delight for your senses.



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Being in the area of Platja des Jondal is a perfect opportunity to make a short walk to the nearby beach des Bol Nou. Here, on the hills along the coast, you will find an ancient Phoenician settlement from the 8th century BC, which was the main settlement on the island before the foundation of the city of Ibiza. It is a vital site to understand the history of Ibiza as this enclave was a strategic point in the Mediterranean to the Phoenician trade back in that time.



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Lying down on a sunbed while reading a book and listening to your favorite music so you can completely unwinding. Don’t forget to accompany this magical moment with a glass of the best sangria on the island. Platja des Jondal is the perfect place to pamper yourself and enjoy the good life.



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This beach is devised so that everyone can enjoy as Platja des Jondal is known for his contagious lively and festive atmosphere. Here every beach club has its own event calendar that enliven the summer evenings. If you are lucky you can dance to the sound of the biggest DJs in the scene or enjoy a delicious mojito with the best Brazilian music. Platja des Jondal will surprise you in a thousand and one ways as here is where you will find the most cosmopolitan atmosphere and people in Ibiza looking for a special place to enjoy the attractions of the island. And if you prefer to visit this amazing beach without having to actually step on land, Cala des Jondal is also known to be frequented by yachts and sailboats that come here to be part of this picturesque site. Visiting Cala des Jondal by sea is highly recommended and if you also want to complete the day with the tasty culinary delicacies that this beach offers, many of the restaurants will actually deliver your paella or any other order to your yacht or sailboat so that your day at Platja des Jondal is simply perfect.



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Unlike other beaches in the area, Platja des Jondal is formed almost entirely by round pebbles known as ‘códols’. These ‘códols’ produce a characteristic sound when the waves hit the seashore which turn into a peculiar and relaxing symphony spicing up perfectly these magical moments. For some, the ‘códols’ can be inconvenient, but just a few meters into the water, the seabed is composed mostly of fine sand. Also, if you prefer, the northern part of the beach has a sandy part ideal for lying down on your towel and enjoy the views.