6 Tips: A Guide to Cala d’Hort (Ibiza)

One of the most iconic beaches in Ibiza, located on the southwest of the municipality of Sant Josep, is Cala d’Hort, the privileged guardian of the island of Es Vedrà, an unmistakable icon of the island. And today we will devote our attention to this bit of our coast, probably one of the most beautiful areas for spending the day by the sea.



One thing we’ve said repeatedly is that along the coast of the municipality of Sant Josep, which covers almost entirely the southern half of the island, you can try the best seafood dishes on the island. And this is also the case Cala d’Hort. Here you will find several restaurants, right on the beach or higher up on the cliffs, but all with incredible views. Do not hesitate to order any of the rice dishes that you’ll find on their menus, as here you’ll probably try one of the best paellas of the island and, of course, made with the best fish caught in the Ibizan sea.

What to See


Cala d’Hort, apart from being one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, it is also a place rich in history. A few kilometers on the way to the beach, we find Ses Paisses of Cala d’Hort, an archaeological site of an ancient rural settlement founded in the fifth century BC and which lasted until the eighth century AD. It is a magnificent example of how the Phoenicians, Romans and even the Byzantines organized themselves. The site comprises a main hall dedicated to rural tasks such as the pressing of the olives. There is also another building that was used for housing and two necropolis of Roman and Byzantine origin. This is a must-visit for history buffs who are interested in the past of the island.

A moment


Undoubtedly, the most anticipated moment for everyone in this lovely beach is its famous sunset, a true spectacle for the senses that becomes even more amazing when it is accompanied by the mythical island of Es Vedrà, situated just off the coast. There is no more beautiful view to enjoy than watching the dim silhouette of the island while the warm colors of the sunset fade on the horizon.



Just spending the day at this beach is a wonderful experience but if you feel like getting the most out of it, apart from enjoying a swim and sunbathing in this placid shore. One of the most recommended activities for enjoy all of what this area offers is kayaking, a water sport that allows you to enjoy the coastline from the sea and get closer to the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell to appreciate its beauty and vastness more closely.


Es Vedrà is probably the greatest attraction of this beach, as anywhere you are situated, it will always be present on the horizon of Cala d’Hort. This is not any rock, its curious silhouette has inspired many legends that have attracted visitors from all around the world. It is said that the island is a great source of energy and many people claim to have perceived this energy to the point that one of the most widespread legends is that between Alicante, Mallorca and Es Vedrà, there is “the triangle of silence” where sailors and airplanes have noticed strange energies that affected their equipment and even claim to have seen strange lights associated with UFOs. Whether fact or fiction, it is clear that Es Vedrà is a great source of inspiration for artists and musicians such as Mike Oldfield (whose cover of his album Voyager is this island) and Barbet Schroeder (director of the film ‘More’ set in Ibiza) since it is impossible not to be attracted by its aura of mystery..


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A walk

Finally, a visit to Cala d’Hort is not such without visitingthe Torre des Savinar, an imposing cliff located on the south coast of Cala d’Hort and which can be accessed within a short walk. Here you can watch the spectacular sunset mentioned before, from a unique high angle.  This construction was completed in 1763 and was a key watchpoint of the time in order to prevent pirate lootings. A unique place where the natural beauty of the area combined with an important part of Ibizan history that have resisted the passage of time.