6 Ideas: A guide to Platges de Comte (Cala Conta – Ibiza)

A perfect holiday in Ibiza always include sunny days on the beach and refreshing swims in the sea. And what better way to enjoy all this in an idyllic place like Platges de Comte beach, where its turquoise waters and amazing sunsets make this place have nothing to envy to the beaches of the Caribbean. Here’s a guide to fully enjoy a beach day at Platges de Comte:


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Platges de Comte has three seaside restaurants offering magnificent views while enjoying delicious dishes with all the taste of the Mediterranean. Fresh fish from Ibiza, typical rice dishes of the island and even exotic dishes like sushi are some of the delicacies you can try at Platges de Comte. It is no surprise that this is one of the favorite spots on the island for celebrating all kinds of events since its cuisine and beauty make it a unique and special place.


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In this unique setting there are many places worth exploring. Strolling along the coast in the westernmost area you’ll find es Racó d’en Xic, a small beach with lovely boat huts and which is a bit more secluded than the other beaches in this area. If you go eastward you’ll go by a small cliff, a perfect spot to see the islets of the ‘Parque Natural dels Illots de Ponent’ that spread along the horizon. Then you’ll reach a set of beaches along the coast, with white sand and crystalline waters. And a bit further there’s a small hidden pier in a bay of calm and crystal clear waters. Across the bay there’s a set of fishermen huts, a perfect spot avoid the bustle of the main beaches. And for those who wish to complete a great walking tour, it’s a great occasion to visit the defense tower Torre d’en Rovira, located just a few kilometers from the area. From there you can see a magnificent view of the coast of Platges de Comte.



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The magic of Platges de Comte lies not only in the stunning beauty of its pristine waters but it also has one of the most emblematic sunsets you can see on the island. Every single day you can enjoy a unique sunset where the fanciful sun picks one of the islets of the ‘Illots de Ponent’ to hide behind in the late evening. Enjoying the warm colours of the sunset with a refreshing mojito and the sound of sea waves in the background is the perfect end of a lovely beach day at Platges de Comte.



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Going to Platges de Comte by boat is an original experience that allows visitors to see and enjoy the coastline from the sea. This is possible thanks to the tours offered by many boat companies in Sant Antoni. Its crystal clear waters also make it a perfect place for practicing snorkeling, while those who prefer more action can rent a jet ski and explore the area. The varied coastline of Platges de Comte is also perfect for long kayak and paddle surf excursions and explore its hideaways. Platges de Comte can also be enjoyed outside the summer season, in winter for example you can see fisherman and even on days with west wind, kitesurfing becomes the main attraction of the beach.



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Platges de Comte is one of the most original beaches of the island with a wide variety of visitors. An example is the nudist beach Racó d’en Xic which displays the most liberal side of this place.
Further west of Platges de Comte, you’ll find hidden under the cliffs overlooking the west another unique spot of the area: sa Figuera Borda, a cozy and interesting bay with boat huts under an amazing cave that goes through the cliff side to side and has a perfect perspective for watching the sunset in winter.