The cave of sa Sal Rossa or “Rafael Alberti’s cave”


The cave of sa Sal Rossa, located in the proximity of the defence tower with the same name, has an eminent history, as for 20 days, it served as a refuge for the poet Rafael Alberti.

On 28 June 1936, Rafael Alberti arrived in Ibiza with his wife María Teresa León (also a writer) to spend a holiday. The first two weeks of their holiday were relaxing times, as they roamed the island taking in the atmosphere and getting to know the people.

However, when the Civil War broke out, Alberti witnessed some of the most decisive events of the 18 and 19 July. For three more days, the poet remained in his holiday house until finally he was obliged to take refuge in the cave of sa Sal Rossa, accompanied by a dozen other refugees. They spent twenty days living in nature. This made an indelible mark on him and served as inspiration for some of his later written works.

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