Sa Caleta


Very few people really know that the place known as Sa Caleta is not such, and don’t recognise the actual site of Sa Caleta with its true location. The nearby beach of es Bol Nou is the one which is commonly confused with. And beyond this beach there is a small enclosed bay full of fishermen’s huts. This is where the real Sa Caleta is hidden, an authentic fishermen corner where still today one can still see the small llaüts (traditional Ibicenco fishing boats) out to work as the first settlers of the island did when they first arrived in this area.

The nice thing of this corner is that this is a typical landscape of the Ibizan coast which is usually frequented by local people who still keep alive the ancient art of fishing. Also, it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling in its crystal clear waters as the several piers in the area ease the access to the water. In short, a very typical spot of island where you’ll enjoy the peace that Ibiza offers.

To access this place you must go first to the beach of es Bol Nou, signposted as Sa Caleta. If you leave from Sant Josep towards Eivissa, after approximately 5 km you will find on the main road the turnoff to Cova Santa, which leads to this area. Keep on straight on this road for a while, and you will pass by the detour to Cala Jondal. Shortly after you should find the turnoff which leads to Sa Caleta. Follow the road a few meters but without entering the parking lot of the beach, because immediately after, on the left, there is a small path which leads directly to Sa Caleta.

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