Sa Figuera Borda


West of Platges de Comte there is a small bay of spectacular beauty. The particularity of this corner is the existence of a huge cave that crosses the rock from side to side, opening a window on the cliff with views towards the island of S’Espartà, and depending on the time of the year, you can also see the sunset. Under this cave there are several huts where fishermen keep their boats, and which complete the beautiful look of this original place.

The waters in this area are also of great beauty, with rocky and sandy bottoms ideal for snorkeling. Across the bay there is another fisherman hut separated from the other ones and next to it, there’s a small pebble beach hidden behind a rocky crag. In short, a place with a very varied geography that will delight those looking for quiet and peaceful spots by the sea.

To get to this bay, from Sant Josep take the road towards Sant Antoni and take the detour to the left right after you pass by Sant Agusti, where you’ll find a signposted crossroad leading to Platges de Comte. On this road there are several detours, but in any case continue along the road following the signs to Platges de Comte. When you are about to reach the large parking lot of these beaches, look for a dirt road between the junipers on your left. Follow it until you reach a large open area with a large cliff overlooking the sea. Skirt this cliff south and you should find the stairs that go down to the cave located in this bay.

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