Pou de Sa Trinxa

Heritage and culture

Set deep in the natural park, walkers who take the trails around the beach area of Ses Salines will enter a forest that separates the coastal fringe from the salt pans, and they may well come across a most curious well in their path. It is close to the shoreline of the beach, facing a flat clearing of fertile soil. Its name is Pouet de sa Trinxa and it is one of the rare examples of a well built with blocks of marés, the sandstone that is predominant in this area. It is circular, and its roof is also constructed with thick slabs of marés stone. The coastal area still conserves the marks of the rectilinear notches in the rock that bear witness to its former use as a quarry that supplied the stone used to build the Renaissance walls of Ibiza’s old town.

The material was abundant, as well as easy to shape and work. Next to the well there is a large, elongated dip with a small channel that connects both areas and which served as a drinking trough for animals. It is believed that the well was constructed towards the end of the 19th or early 20th century to provide drinking water for workers in the area, mainly the salt workers, although they probably also served the local farmsteads as well. The well was restored and signposted in 2014, and it is now an obligatory stop for passers-by on their way to the tower of Ses Portes at the southern end of the beach.

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