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The area of ​​the Natural Park of Ses Salines embraces two of the most visited and emblematic beaches of the island, strongly protected for its high ecological value.

Ses Salines is the most fashionable beach as well as a meeting point for famous people. It’s a very popular beach for its crystal clear waters and trendy restaurants, which give it a really nice atmosphere. It’s an extensive and open beach with fine sand, turquoise tone waters and a very shallow seabed with a very gentle slope, thanks to the Posidonia Oceanica seagrass meadows, declared World Heritage. The whole beach is surrounded by lush juniper woods and white rolling dunes shaped by the gentle breeze that blows from the sea to the inland. A must.

Es Cavallet beach is one of the most famous and pioneering nudist beaches in Spain. Extensive and open, this beach is surrounded by dunes and abundant native vegetation which gives it a wild touch look. Walking along it, you’ll find excellent places to sunbathe and swim in its crystal clear waters. Be sure to visit the Torre de ses Portes tower, at the end of the beach.


The beach


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Natural Park of Ses Salines d’Eivissa

The Parque Natural de Ses Salines d’Eivissa and Formentera is located between the two Pitiusan Islands, embracing the southernmost part of Ibiza and the north tip of Formentera, including the stretch of sea that divides both islands. It occupies an approximate terrestrial area of 2,838.44 ha. and over 13,000 ha. of sea area. One of the most beautiful and amazing environments and ecosystems in Ibiza, where the sea salt and the salt ponds play an important role.

The marine environment represents 75% of the territory of the park and is characterized by the ecological importance of Posidonia Oceanica seagrass meadows being part of the declaration of Ibiza as World Heritage Site in 1999. In the park coexists a rich ecosystem. The population of waterfowl species, such as flamingos, black-winged stilts and shelducks, stand out. And in the terrestrial domain the Pitiusan lizard, endemic to these islands, with different subspecies in the islets off the coast.

The remains of ancient civilizations and historical traces in Ibiza and Formentera are also present in the Natural Park.



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Sant Francesc de Ses Salines

Another of the most beautiful churches in the municipality of Sant Josep is the small church of Sant Francesc de s’Estany, located at the entrance of the Natural Park of Ses Salines. It was built to meet the needs of the people who worked in the ponds extracting the salt. Nowadays it remains closed. At sunset, from its courtyard, you can enjoy an incredible sunset over the ponds.




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