Ses Boques


Beautiful cove hidden under the cliffs of Es Cubells where you can take a dip in the water and try seafood cuisine. It is perfect for those looking to spend the day at an uncrowded beach but with the usual services. It has parking space.

Services: practically unspoilt beach, just with a small beach bar.
Who is it for: ideal for families looking for a hidden or remote place and for anyone who prefers an uncrowded beach. Perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling. Also great for eating right by the sea.

To access this beach, from Es Cubells, take the road on the left of the church of this village. Once down the cliff follow the road until you find a sign indicating Ses Boques and make a left at this turnoff. This road leads straight to the beach.

Transportation: car or bike
7,9 km Sant Josep
17,4 km Eivissa

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