Es Pujolets


It is a set of two small sandy coves with fishermen’s huts in the bay of Cala Tarida. Usually crowded by small boats that come to spend the day as the access by land is more complicated and the area is mostly frequented by the fishermen’s huts owners who enjoy it in their free time. Despite its difficult access, the beauty of the waters of this area and the charm of the landscape make it a special and attractive spot.

Services: There are no services in this beach
Ideal for: Wonderful sandy beach cove and dock huts ideal for enjoying a swim in its crystal clear waters, perfect for those who seek something more quiet than the nearby crowded beach of Cala Tarida.

To get to this lovely place from Sant Josep you need to head towards Cala Tarida. First, go in direction towards Sant Antoni, but only about 500m, where you must detour to the left at the signposted junction that leads to this lovely beach cove. Shortly after take the road towards Cala Tarida at the roundabout ahead and then you only need to continue the road until you reach the the beach, following the signs at all times. Once there we recommend parking in the parking lot of Cala Tarida Norte. And once you park border the cliff of the beach on the right side until you reach the fishermen’s huts that can be seen below. At that point it is where the trail descends to Es Pujolets.

Transportation: car (to the vicinity) or bike
7.6 km Sant Josep
21 km Eivissa (Ibiza Town)

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