Cala Bassa


A real natural swimming pool, considered one of the most beatiful beaches of the islands because of the transparency of its waters, the quality of sand and the leafy wood of junipers, pine trees and tamarinds that surrounds it, among which you shall find countless corners to take a nap at the shade during the hours when heat is at its works. The boat trip from Sant antoni that takes you to the beach is highly advisable.
The Sant Josep de sa Talaia Town Council has reached an agreement with the owners of the privately-owned land at Cala Bassa to turn a plot on the beach into a free public parking area with room for 500 vehicles. This will put an end to unlawful parking and will regulate the traffic so everyone can enjoy the beaches. It will also make it easier for the public buses to reach them.

Public toilets and showers will also be set up for tourists and anyone who comes to the beach. The owners of the land will be in charge of keeping them in proper condition.

The purpose of these actions is to improve our beaches by providing easy access to them and enhance the well-being of our citizens and those who come to visit our town.

Size: 250 m long and 35 m wide.
Orientation: Northest. Protected from summer winds.
Substratum: Natural fien golden sand.
Sea bed: Sand, with some rocky areas and seaweeds. Little depth with a drop gently progressive.
Environment: Natural.
Siting: 8 km away from Sant Josep.

The Balearic Govern has awarded the Sant Josep Town Council with four blue flags for Cala Bassa, and the beaches of Compte, Cala d’Hort and Ses Salines. The Tourist department makes a very positive assessment of the work carried out by the authorities and concessionaries of the beaches that were awarded the highest classification. They provide a clean, attractive place for all the residents and visitors on the municipality’s coastline to enjoy.

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