Cala Bassa

Snorkel Routes

Cala Bassa

Snorkel Routes

This beautiful beach offers some of the best snorkelling experiences on the coast of Sant Josep. We are interested in the rocky section, especially the one on the right, and a good place to equip ourselves and enter the water is next to the narrow channel that floods the adjoining pond like a ditch. The water is turquoise in colour and rests on a bed of rocky boulders.

We go out through the channel with steep walls where we find large rocks in the middle, partially covered with posidonia and full of life such as salemas, always in an orderly formation, damselfish and schools of bogue (Boops boops). We will go to the right, following the wall and separating ourselves from it as long as we want to recognize the submerged islets and the tongues of rock that open like arms to the sea.

Soon we will arrive in front of the Cueva de los Sastres, a cavity that enters from the sea under the surface platform and leads us to a completely open vault in the open air, without a doubt a picturesque place.

On leaving, we can continue our route, leaving the wall to our right and alternating colorful channels drawn by the rock with whitish stretches of coarse sand and areas of Posidonia oceanica, so that we will find very diverse scenery.

Among the rocks swarm rainbow and ornate wrasse and on the ledges or balconies of the platform it will be easy to find swallowtail sea perch, that orange fish that likes shady areas.

The sandy bottom is the territory of the red mullet and of a typical fish of Ibiza that is highly valued gastronomically, the pearly razor fish or cleaver wrasse, although as soon as it is overwhelmed it will not hesitate to bury itself under the sand.

When we reach a small rock that emerges slightly, we can go around it and reverse direction to continue enjoying one of the most famous and well-deserved coves in Eivissa.


Do not enter the cave when there are waves.
It is advisable to carry a marker buoy due to the usual presence of boats.