Kayak route from Ses Boques (Es Cubells) to Cala Carbó – Ibiza


TIME: 3.30 Hours
LONGITUDE: 7,2 Milles


From Sant Josep, we will take the road to Es Cubells (PM-803-1). At the end, on reaching the village and before the church we take the turning on the left in the direction of the beach of Ses Boques, which we reach following the signs to the beach.


We depart from Ses Boques travelling West and in a few minutes we reach Es Niu de s ́Àguila, a small stone cove with shermen’s huts preceded by a pointed rock coming out of the waters. Many years ago there used to be osprey nests on these cliffs.


We continue and soon come across another small cove on the mouth of the torrent, and immediately enter Cala Llentrisca, a small shing port with several dry dock huts where we can disembark. This area is still quite rugged with difficult access by land and very well preserved. It is important to bear in mind the great distance from here until the next disembarking, around one hour’s navigation.


From here on we navigate going along the coast among large cliffs with di cult disembarking. Shortly afterwards we come across the area of Ses Covetes with some caves of easy access and the possibility of seeing birds of prey in flight. The osprey is said “to sh” in this area.

Es Vedrà y Es Vedranell

From here we will have marvellous sights of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell

A little farther on we come across some passageways below the rocks and a tiny sandy cove where we can easily disembark. We will pass through the area of Sa Pedrera, which used to be used as a quarry and has given rise to some very curious shapes.


Next we will reach Punta de l ́Oliva where we will be able to admire close to the impressive islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell, then up on our right on the top of Cap des Jueu, and Torre des Savinar, an old sea watchtower famous for its legends, and also known as Torre del Pirata due to the novel by Blasco Ibáñez, “The Dead Give Orders”, whose plot occurred in this place.

We continue past Cap Blanc and before reaching Cala d ́Hort, we come across an area with several passageways among the rocks and different points where we can disembark.


Cala d ́Hort, with restaurants and all the facilities, it is a lovely beach with shermen’s huts and one of the most emblematic in the municipality because of its panorama of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell.

We continue navigating Northwards to Cala Truja, nally reaching Cala Carbó, a small sandy cove with restaurant and easy parking.