Sant Agustí des Vedrà


Sant Agustí is one of the best preserved villages in the island. Nothing seems to alter its simple and beautiful architecture, composed of a parish house, located at the back of the church, a stone tower, and the casas payesas (traditional houses) situated around the main square. If you walk up the hill you will be able to contemplate the surrounding fields, very popular because of their grapevines, which produce a home-made fruity red wine of excellent quality. There are many unspoilt beaches in the vicinity, such as Platges de Comte and Cala Bassa.
The church, small and unadorned, was blessed in 1806 and shows a peculiarity: it is the only one facing the West instead of the South. The reason was that two different families demanded the church to be erected in their land. Finally, the problem was fairly solved and the church was built between both lands, facing both land-owners’ homes.

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