Cala Llentrisca


Small fishing cove hidden under the cliffs of Es Cubells. It is relatively easy to access and it is a great example of a traditional fishermen’s cove that retains all the essence of yesteryear with several fishermen’s huts and a small pier.
Services: there are no services on this beach.
Who is it for: perfect for those seeking a quiet and traditional fishing corner, and who like excursions. It also has a spectacular seabed perfect for snorkeling.
To access this cove, from Es Cubells you must follow the road that begins at the plaza on the left side which descends the cliff where the village is on. Follow this road until the end of it, where there’s a small residential area which you must go through, then leave the vehicle when the road ends. Continue walking straight in direction to the west by a small path, only 700 meters long, that borders the cliff and that leads to Cala Llentrisca.

Transportation: car (up until the surroundings) or bike
11,1 Sant Josep
20,6 Eivissa

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