Es Cubells – Cala Llentrisca


The village of Es Cubells is perched on the edge of a spectacular cliff to the south of Sant Josep. Its spectacular setting means that walkers on this route enjoy exceptional views as they gaze at the ocean, enjoy nature and discover hidden beaches away from the summer crowds. Although it is a medium to high difficulty route there is really no cause for concern. It is a quiet walk with some steep but short stretches. It is important to come prepared and to bring along sports shoes, comfortable clothes and water.

Route map

Medium – High
Distance: 9km
Estimated time: 4 hours (return trip)
Recommendations: Wear sports shoes, sports clothes and bring plenty of water – it is a route with very little shade. This route is not recommended for people with vertigo.

The walk starts out from the viewing point at the lovely Es Cubells church square. With its truly breath-taking views, the viewing point behind the square offers the perfect opportunity for a landscape photo. Looking out slightly to the right you will see the monument dedicated to Francesc Palau or Pare Palau (Father Palau) as he is known locally. This monument celebrates his building the church whilst reminding us of the long days he spent alone on Es Vedrà islet.

This is a good place to spend some time taking photos and reading up on the history of the village before starting off on the walk.
Now, making your way to the left of the viewing point you will find some stairs that lead down to Cueva de la Fuente cave. Follow the path until you reach the tarmacked road and continue past the Vista Alegre residential area until you reach Ses Boques beach. When you get to the turn-off from the beach you can choose to walk down the path to the beach or continue along the tarmacked road that overlooks it. If walking this route on a hot day, a refreshing dip along the way is a good idea. Click here to find out more about this charming little cove.


Continuing along this tarmac road expect to enjoy spectacular views all the way to Es Niu de S’ Aguila beach with its horizon adorned with four picturesque reefs. Legend has it that the cove got its name from a bird of prey that nested in the highest of the four reefs that protrude across from the shore of Es Niu de S’ Àguila. Continue along to arrive at the next wonder this walk has to offer, Cala Llentrisca bay.

Take a little time to take in Es Niu de S’ Àguila before continuing on the path. Continue until you reach a fork keeping right until you reach a road on the right-hand side which is marked calle sin salida, which means that it is a dead end. Take this road until you reach the last house, on the right you will find a hill of earth that leads to a small square, take the wooded path you see in front of it. Now walk along the mountain ridge for about 600m along a narrow path that will bring you to Cala Llentrisca bay. This hidden gem is nestled amid conifers and is a good spot to take a break and a quick dip before continuing. Click here for more info on this beautiful little bay.


After a swim and a relax on this quiet beach set off again along the path that runs alongside the track by which you arrived at the beach.

This path is a little bit steep, but fear not, your efforts will be rewarded. As you can see on the map below, this climb ends at the footpath that leads to one of the highlights of the route Cape Llentrisca from here the views of the Mediterranean Sea and the magnificent Es Vedrà islet to the right are extraordinary. Time to get the camera out!

And now it is time to head back! This is really one of those walks that leave a lasting impression. Follow the path through conifer plantations and beautiful natural surroundings to return to the starting point whilst taking in spectacular views of the unspoilt countryside along the way.