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Es Bol Nou

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Bol Nou beach, on the south coast of Sant Josep and close to the Phoenician vestiges of the settlement of Sa Caleta, is one of the favourite destinations for bathers, which is why it is usually very popular.

Its waters transmit the strength of the sunlight due also to the nature of a predominantly sandy seabed. But we, as usual, will look for the rocks, which are always home to more interesting landscapes and a greater abundance of life.

We enter the water on the right-hand side, next to some tongues of rock and from there we follow the coastline, always leaving it to our right, to cross an area of sand and posidonia until we pass a small cove that we find on our way towards the fishermen’s huts.

As we get closer, the rocky seabed begins to appear, first as a brief coastal bar and then extending as a platform with a gentle slope.

Near the fishermen’s huts, larger and larger rocks appear, scattered and surrounded by fish such as bream, damselfish and salemas. It is worth looking carefully around these rocks. If we see a few handfuls of small stones and/or remains of shells we should take a good look because they are most probably the shelter of an octopus. With a bit of luck, the octopus will be well tucked away in its lair, which it only usually leaves when the sun goes down to start its hunting trip.

After passing the huts comes an end and, a little further on, a lateral inlet that hides another solitary beach hut in a substratum of whitish, polished pebbles.

This may be a good moment to return by undoing the path, as if we go straight on we will have to cross an extensive meadow of posidonia and sand.


As it faces south, with winds from this direction, waves can form and the water can become cloudy.