Sa Revista

Heritage and culture

Sa Revista is the name given to the inn located in the Natural Park of Ses Salines where there is a small chapel with the same name and built in honor of San Carlos. This area is known for being where once lived the salt workers of the salinas in Ibiza. That is why, in the eighteenth century, this small chapel was built, to meet the spiritual needs of the salineros (the salt workers). Today it is a picturesque village that follows the traditional architectural aesthetics and is located next to the ponds closer to Es Cavallet. It can only be visited from outside, but it is well worth doing so to discover a very important part of the history of Ibiza.

To get to Sa Revista, from Eivissa you must take the road towards the airport, and take the exit of Ses Salines. One kilometer after you’ll pass the church of Sant Francesc, take the turnoff to the left towards Es Cavallet, leaving on your right the salt ponds. Shortly before reaching the parking lot of Es Cavallet there is a small road on the left that leads to Sa Revista. From the road you can see the steeple of the chapel.

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Heritage and culture

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