Es Cubells beach


Located at the foot of stricking cliffs typical from this area, it is made up of three little coves separeted by formations of rocks. Covered by a blanket of pebbles , its cristal waters entice to bath and its rocky sea bottoms hide countless corners to explore, perfect for those fond of diving.

Size: 300 m long and 10 m wide.
Orientation: south. With light winds from sea to land or transverse winds.
Composition (substratum): pebbles of medium size and natural dark brown gravels. Depth increases strongly few metres from the seashore (scarcely 200 m. away).
Sea bed: sand, rocks and gravels. Not too far, seaweeds and underwater vegetation.
Environment: natural. Sitting: 15 km away from Sant Josep and 25 km away from Eivissa.

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