Port des Torrent

Snorkel Routes

Port des Torrent

Snorkel route

We start this snorkelling route on a small rock platform close to the jetty that leads to San Antoni. We immediately find a rocky bottom in the form of a wide platform that descends in a staggered manner, although in some sections it is vertical to rest on a bottom of dense posidonia meadow alternating with white sandy areas.

Travelling along the end of the platform will allow freedivers to descend to depths of more than -5 m, where we will see schools of salema and bream and, in the sandy area, wrasse that scour the bottom in search of small crustaceans to feed on. But if what we like is to see the nearby life, without descending, we will go over the platform, which is perforated and covered with brown algae.

Here there are plenty of axillary wrasse (Symphodus mediterraneus) that peck at the algae, ever-vigilant blennies and showy fredis (Thalasoma pavo). Sea urchins abound among the hollows in the slabs and in the deeper waters, schools of small fish are common, sometimes moving violently but at the same time, when pursued by hunters such as sea bass or common dentex.

As we advance, the wall folds into valleys with rocky outcrops that offer an infinite number of entertaining paths to enjoy the rich and welcoming rocky bottoms.


The proposed route will take us in the direction of the fishermen’s huts although, as they are quite far away, it is not necessary to reach them. We can reverse course to return to the starting point at any time.