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Sa Sal Rossa

Route Snorkel

In the heart of Ses Salines Natural Park, on the east coast of Sant Josep, just below Playa d’en Bossa, we dive to enjoy a simple snorkelling trip.

We are at the foot of the tower of sa Sal Rossa, in a natural setting where tranquillity reigns as it is a very little frequented area and is usually only approached by locals.

We enter the water to the right of the small rocky breakwater next to the fishermen’s huts and follow the coastline, which we leave to our right, in the direction of the other dry dock huts just opposite. The bottom is a wide, shallow platform full of holes and plenty of light that is home to the typical life of axillary wrasse, salema porgies and rainbow wrasse.

Some echinoderms such as the urchin and, above all, the holothurian, also abound on this slab covered with brown algae, among which the greenish Caulerpa prolifera and plants such as cymodocea and, further on, large patches of posidonia are also found.

Although it does not usually attract our attention, it is worth looking at the posidonia meadow, which is home to a lot of life but well camouflaged, such as the broad nosed pipefish (Syngnathus thyple), which belongs to the same family as sea horses but goes almost unnoticed as it is confused with a loose leaf of posidonia.

Following the slab is more than enough, although if we want to go a little deeper we will separate a little, although now the substratum will be entirely covered with posidonia, which sometimes forms tongues that form channels with a sandy bottom. We will also be struck by the hollows that form where the depth reaches -3m.

There is no need to reach the huts; whenever we want we can return and continue enjoying a quiet and relaxing walk for the whole family.


The route is also suitable for children as it is easy to walk almost all the way and the water is usually calm as long as there is no easterly wind.