Kayak route from Cala Carbó to Cala Tarida – Ibiza


TIME: 2.00 Hours
LONGITUDE: 5,5 Miles

We leave from Sant Josep, along the road PM-803 heading fro Sant An- toni and at 500 metres we take the turning on the left heading to Cala Carbó signposted; we will follow the signs until we reach the beach.


We set out in the vessel heading North, leaving on our left the sights of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. We will see the area of large cliffs on the point of Es Moros, with Puig Pelat on its summit; this is a forest of pine trees and junipers to the coast. After Punta Forcada we reach Caló de s’Oratge, a small cove with di cult access by land. We continue down the cli s along a coast without land access.

Es Vedrà y Es Vedranell

Further on we reach Cala Vedella, a pretty sheltered cove with all the facilities and easy parking.

We abandon Cala Vedella and continue along the coast until we reach a small inlet called Sa Torrassa, with shermen’s huts and easy disembarking. On our portside we will start seeing the silhouette of the island s’Espartar and Ses Bledes in the distance.


After passing Caló den Real, a woody area and the point des Llosar, the lower very builtup area we reach Clot des Llamp with the possibility of disembarking, although complicated among the rocks. Here the forest becomes denser and the Punta de Roma cli s return until reaching Cala Molí, a quiet sandy beach with few people, where you can nd a bar- restaurant, quite sheltered due to the cli s surrounding it.


We will take extreme care disembarking since the bottom is covered with knife-edged rocks before reaching the sand.

We will abandon Cala Molí to continue along the coat where we will come across various inlets like Calonàs, some of them with dry dock huts until we reach the built-up area of Cala Tarida, a large sandy beach with several islets in front, meaning we enter with precaution due to the possibility of encountering traffic of passenger vessels of the “golondrina” (tourist motor boat), leisure boats and aquatic sports. The beach has a bar service, restaurants with all facilities and car park.