Diving route in Cala d’Hort – Ibiza


ANCHORAGE COORDINATES: 38° 53’ 20,44’’ N | 1° 13’ 29,26’’ E
TIME: 45 Min.
ROUTE: 500 M.

This symbolic cove is located right in the heart of the Cala d’Hort Nature Reserve and is an ideal place for beginners to go diving unaccompanied by a professional, in a reasonably safe area. The surface at the bottom is mainly sandy, with a few rocky areas and the amazing grasslands of Posidonia oceanica and the clarity and visibility underwater are incredible.


We begin the dive on the southern part of the beach, right beside a small rocky breakwater that enables us to enter the sea easily. The average depth in this area is between 5 and10 meters, which means we do not have to worry too much about the time we spend below. Firstly, we will go in a southerly direction and we will return in a northerly direction.

We recommend determining a depth of around 10 meters so that you can find the rocky areas that are generally where you will see good examples of adult fish.

You must not miss the grasslands of Posidonia oceanica, as they are the habit of numerous species of fi sh and invertebrates, a real delight for enthusiasts of micro-fauna.


At first it might seem as if the sandy areas that are scattered along the entire route are devoid of marine life altogether, however, with a little pa-tience and care you will discover an endless number of marine organisms there.

This area offers a wide range of different diving trips. In order to avoid becoming disorientated; we recommend that you always use a compass and the depth as a constant point of reference.

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You must always return through shallower water or, if you want to return along the same route, stay at the same depth. We do not advise going any deeper.

As with all dives, it is essential to leave some kind of signal on the water’s surface; whether a boat with an alpha fl ag or a buoy with the relevant fl ag. This is the only way that other boats know that they should avoid you and leave the minimum recommended distance for passing scuba divers.