Diving route in Punta Rovira – Ibiza


ANCHORAGE COORDINATES: 38° 58’ 18,62’’ N | 1° 13’ 55,55’’ E
TIME: 45 Min.
ROUTE: 500 M.

Situated between the beaches of Cala Comte and Cala Bassa, this place is easy to nd because it is signposted as a track for walking or cycling. It is also of historical interest because there is a seventeenth-century watchtower on the point.


Once we have found the spot, there is a small area where we can leave our means of transport before walking a short distance to the stone steps that lead down to the starting point.

The little inlet where we will start our dive is no more than 5 metres deep and is ideal to go snorkelling, as is the whole bay around us.

But if we wish to nd a deeper area for our dive we have to follow a nor- therly direction on the compass and gradually gain depth as the platform that forms the cove descends.

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The bottom is predominantly rocky and has a great number of hollows. The whole area is covered with Posidonia sea grass meadows, which don’t disappear until we reach a depth of about 30-35 metres..

This is the depth when we get to the end of the rock platform, where we will suddenly nd a great step that drops about 15 metres to 30 metres to a sandy bottom.

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Once we’ve reached this point we must start to think about retracing our steps, because at this depth and after having come this far we must have used up half our air (and therefore have to get back) or if not half, then almost.

On the way back we can make a safe- ty stop by covering the shallow area (about 5 metres) and following the small wall of rock that is on our right if we go in a southerly direction.