Snorkeling and diving in Ibiza, and especially off the coast of Sant Josep, which encompasses nearly the entire southern half of the island, is one of the top activities to practise during your holiday. The clarity of its waters, the number of shipwrecks and underwater caves to explore, the biodiversity of its flora and fauna (especially Posidonia Oceanica, a marine plant of vital importance to the Ibicenco marine ecosystem) are just some of the underwater highlights that you would not want to miss. Moreover, the warm and fairly constant temperature of the Mediterranean, which oscillate between 14o and 28o centigrade, allow subaquatic immersions even in winter.

To this end, visitors have at their disposal a good number of dive centres, where they can take courses run by professionals and also equip themselves for excursions to the spectacular sea floor, thus adding a whole other dimension to the island’s already considerable charm. The seabed at Salinas Natural Park, with its vast prairies of Posidonia, of exceptional ecological value, were recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.