Another thrilling way to keep exploring the Sant Josep coastline is by way of kayak. Skimming round the perimeter is a visual delight because this almost virgin territory offers an ever-changing view.

In this guidebook we propose eight kayak routes whereby, in stints of three to six miles, you can skirt the Sant Josep coast virtually in its entirety, with a highlight on the most spectacular stretches and beauty spots. The routes are designed to be taken in stages, at a leisurely pace and on calm seas, with kayakers staying relatively close to land and making the necessary stops for rest and replenishment. For this reason, the distances and duration of the outings are approximate, estimating an average speed of two knots or miles per hour.

Sea kayaking has become a sport of unrivalled simplicity, respectful of nature and the environment and, with the warm winter weather of our shores, feasible throughout most of the year. It is certainly one the most enjoyable options for nautical outings: easy, accessible, low risk and suitable for all ages. Because the coasts of Sant Josep are west facing, it is worth noting that watching the sunset from the perspective of a kayak is an especially attractive option. Land and seascapes of incomparable beauty are a heartbeat away for those who decide to spend their holiday with us as well as those who live In Sant Josep year round.