Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

Un bello pueblo tranquilo junto a Sa Talaia


The village of Sant Josep is where the Town Hall of the municipality is located, which are also part the villages of Es Cubells, Sant Agustí, Sant Jordi and Sant Francesc.

The village is located next to Sa Talaia, the highest mountain on the island (475 meters). The main attraction of the village is the white walled church build in the traditional Ibicenco style. In the centre of the village you’ll find many different services, supermarkets and decor and fashion shops.


Sant Josep de Sa Talaia at day


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Ayuntamiento de Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

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Sant Josep de Sa Talaia at night

In the summer time the town has a lively nightlife and a varied cuisine offer at its restaurants. Many nights you can enjoy outdoor live music. One of the most important dates are the festivities of Sant Josep, in March, where there’s many different activities and events.



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