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Punta d’en Xinxó

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Caló de s’Oli is a quiet urban beach typical of this stretch of coastline, characterised by a tapestry of sandstone rock full of crevices, a profile that is repeated underwater, so that visitors who want to look out over very shallow bottoms will find many places of interest sailing over the platform. And for those who like more depth, all they have to do is move a few metres away and then the seabed drops to about -5m, where the fertile meadow of posidonia makes its appearance.

The recommended route goes from the right of the cove of s’Oli towards the green beacon, although without reaching it, passing by the Punta d’en Xinxó, a small tongue of rock that also appears clearly underwater as a rocky extension surrounded by posidonia.

Life abounds on these seabeds, which is perhaps why it is common to find anglers on the coast, so we must be very careful not to get hooked by their line.

The innumerable holes are occupied by sea urchins which, as soon as they are damaged, are quickly devoured by clouds of fish such as damselfish, ornate wrasee (Thalassoma pavo) and two-banded sea breams.

Among the posidonia we will see large schools of salema porgy (Sarpa salpa), silvery fish with colourful vertical golden stripes that evolve in choreography. Salema are vegetarians, continually pecking at the posidonia leaves, although when they are juveniles they have a broader diet and are also carnivorous.


A place frequented by anglers. Be careful with fishing lines and hooks.